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You take your car in for regular service, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your body, especially when it can help you avoid serious health problems? At Janaki Kanumilli, MD Family Practice & Aesthetics, Dr. Kanumilli offers primary care health services at two convenient locations in Forest Hills and Floral Park, both in the Queens neighborhood of New York City. For a primary care physician you can trust, call Janaki Kanumilli, MD Family Practice & Aesthetics or schedule your appointment online today.

Primary Care Q & A

Why is it important to have a primary care physician?

Establishing a relationship with a primary care physician helps create general benchmarks of your overall health. These measurements reduce your risks of developing health conditions in the future, and also help your doctor identify potential issues before they arise.

As your primary care physician, Dr. Kanumilli also serves as your guide to maintaining optimal health and helps you manage chronic medical conditions. During your annual appointments, she ensures you’re vaccinations are current, and that your weight, heart rate, and blood pressure are within healthy guidelines.

To keep an eye on potential health risks, you also share your personal and family medical health histories. This helps Dr. Kanumilli watch for conditions that tend to run in families, such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.

In addition to routine physicals, sick visits, blood work, and immunizations and flu shots, Dr. Kanumilli also cares for your reproductive health and requests recommended health screenings for cancers of the prostate, cervix, and colon.

Why do I need an STD screening?

When you’re sexually active, regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases is an important part of your reproductive health care. STD testing is typically painless and might include samples taken from your genitalia.

To test you for STDs, Dr. Kanumilli might recommend:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Cheek swabs
  • Anus or throat swabs
  • Physical examination


Many STDs don’t have symptoms, so regular screenings are important for both your health as well as that of your partner or partners.

What are regular cancer screenings?

Depending on your age and gender, regular cancer screening tests are highly recommended to prevent disease.

Prostate cancer screening

Prostate cancer can be successfully treated and cured with early detection. Prostate cancer screenings include prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing and digital rectal exams. These tests should begin for most men at age 50.

Cervical cancer screening

Regular cervical cancer screenings should begin for women at age 21, or when you become sexually active. This testing is done through a Pap smear, or Pap test, during a pelvic examination when the uterus and ovaries are also checked for abnormalities.

Colon cancer screening

Colonoscopies are recommended for people 50 and older and screen for signs of disease in the colon. If you have a family or personal history that increases your risks of colon cancer, or other health conditions that indicate intestinal disorders, Dr. Kanumilli might recommend colonoscopy screenings at an earlier age.

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