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Detoxing from opioid painkillers like morphine and codeine can be a daunting experience, but Dr. Janaki Kanumilli can help make it easier. At Janaki Kanumilli, MD Family Practice & Aesthetics in New York City, Dr. Kanumilli provides addiction medicine treatment at two convenient Queens locations in Forest Hills and Floral Park. To gain freedom from your painkiller dependency, call Janaki Kanumilli, MD Family Practice & Aesthetics or schedule your appointment online today.

Addiction Medicine Q & A

What are opioids?

Opioids, also known as opiates, are a class of drugs used for managing pain that include prescription medications like codeine, morphine, and hydrocodone. The illegal drug heroin is also an opioid. These drugs interact with opioid receptors in your nervous system to relieve pain.

While opioid pain relievers are a beneficial treatment option in some cases, they do come with risks.

What are the risks of opioids?

Even prescription drugs in the opioid class can be as dangerous as the illegal drug heroin.

Opioids and the body

With extended opioid use, your body begins developing a tolerance, and more medication is needed to feel the same pain relief. This dangerous condition can cause physical dependence, addiction, overdose, and even death.

Opioids and the brain

Opioids produce feelings of euphoria within your brain. As you develop a tolerance to the medication, your brain grows less responsive to it. At the same time, your brain’s natural ability to feel happy diminishes because your brain stops producing endorphins.

Over time, opioid-based medications can also cause emotional and physical responses that lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

How do I stop using opioid pain medication?

To help make your withdrawal from addictive pain medications easier, Dr. Kanumilli uses Suboxone®. This medication is a partial opioid agonist, making it a safe alternative to other opioid medications. When prescribed correctly, Suboxone produces less euphoria and physical dependence, as well as fewer withdrawal symptoms.

Under Dr. Kanumilli’s addiction management care, you’ll experience:

  • Fewer cravings for opioids
  • A reduction in chronic pain
  • Reduced opioid use


Suboxone isn’t for occasional use; it’s only used under Dr. Kanumilli’s supervision to reduce your dependency on narcotic pain relievers.

How do I manage chronic pain without opioid pain relievers?

Dr. Kanumilli uses a holistic, whole-body approach to your care that provides several treatment options to help you safely manage your chronic pain. In addition to recommending safer medications without the risk of addiction, Dr. Kanumilli might recommend lifestyle modifications or physical therapy to help manage your symptoms.

Dr. Kanumilli also offers medical acupuncture at her two practice locations. This highly effective pain management therapy uses very fine needles to stimulate your body’s natural painkillers to reduce discomfort.

To learn more about addiction medicine and how it can help get you off of addictive pain medications, call Janaki Kanumilli, MD Family Practice & Aesthetics or schedule your appointment online today.